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Aquatic Water Exercise & Fitness Equipment - Welcome to Aqquatix USA!

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Aquatic exercise is growing in awareness and excitement in the United States as a result of the multitude of benefits that it promotes!

Aqquatix USA is excited to introduce our innovative Aquatic Exercise & Fitness Equipment to the United States market.  We have recently acquired the distribution rights for the finest Italian manufactured Aquatic Exercise & Fitness Equipment, designed using leading edge technology for our water bikes, water treadmills and more.

As the knowledge in the area of aquatic therapy continues to grow, the numerous benefits derived from low-impact aquatic work-outs, or water exercise, are well documented regardless of the individual’s fitness level. Aquatic exercise & fitness is a very popular way of keeping fit as the water buoyancy lowers the risk of stress-related injuries especially in the joints, as it allows the muscles to work their full range of motion. This provides great benefit to anyone who suffers from sports injuries and physical limitations.

Our aquatic equipment, or pool exercise equipment, is on the cutting edge of water and exercise technology and will transform your swimming pool into a “liquid gym”!

We are confident that you will be impressed by the results of this unique form of exercise.


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